Streams of Constraints

I write each day. Some of it isn’t worth keeping. Not necessarily because it’s tragic, terrible, or whatever other “t” words come to mind; rather, the ideas don’t merit being part of a larger work. And I want to post more often. So, I started this page. Quick. Dirty. No edits guaranteed. Make mistakes. Move on. That sort of thing.

I also wanted to have constraints. All great works are built on limiting factors. Having the world at your fingertips doesn’t always equate to perfect content. If you think so, go look at any number of Hollywood busts. For this little site of mine, my rules are (1) 250 words or less (I bend this rule once in a while), (2) post every day no matter what (I’ve bent this too, once or twice), and (3) all pictures, if needed, are black and white (WordPress Reader Only). No, I’m not sure anyone will read this stuff. But, hey, you have to shout to the wind once in awhile. It’s good for you.

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