Well, the famed KIC 8462852 star is dimming again. Nothing drives pageviews like aliens, Nazi propaganda, and political conspiracy theories.

So, I decided to do some digging on what the tech would look like to create such a dimming and it’s pretty impressive. The concept of the Dyson sphere is based on a 60s research paper (No, it’s not written by the Dyson vacuum guy). The sphere involves building a megastructure to orbit the sun, capturing its energy. From a feasibility standpoint, it would require more raw materials than all of the planets in the solar system have combined to build. Details.

Yet, you could build a number of smaller spheres. These old research papers may be onto something. Perhaps, I could read a few of these old articles, find cool tech, start a company based on said cool tech, and then IPO for a cool billion. One can dream.