As I write, I’m speeding across the Mid-West on an Amtrak train. Barren fields. Shadows from the trees encroach closer. Blowing whistle. The sun sets along the horizon. Instead of fighting traffic, I get to work, read a little, and write. Yeah, Amtrak is constantly on the chopping block, but it’s a service we should work to keep in parts of the nation. How that happens is up to debate. Still, there is nothing quite like writing a book, post, or poem on a train, blowing past the cars along the freeway.

“I should say that I usually have a good experience on Amtrak. Still, if Amtrak could replace electric horns with steam whistles, they could make big strides. A horn is a horn is a horn, but a steam whistle is a voice and a song. People used to know which engineer was running which engine based on the call of the whistle.” Brian Floca