Brandi Carlisle’s The Story recently hit the decade mark. The album is remarkable. It’s one of those works that sneaks up on you. When you’re done listening, you want to rewind the tape, punch stop, and then click play. No, outside of a strange promotion it was never released on cassette. The world had already moved on. But the masterpiece could have launched in any era and sold. There is no doubt. How many artists can make that claim? Few.

Timing. Cultural tastes. Luck. None of that matters here.

This week, a cover version of the album was released. Dolly Parton sings The Story and it soars. She can hit the notes with the same classy passion Carlisle belted out ten years ago. Kris Kristofferson’s take on Turpentine, well, it works on so many levels too. The lyrics match with his gritty voice:

These days we go to waste like wine
That’s turned to turpentine
It’s six AM and I’m all messed up
I didn’t mean to waste your time
So I’ll fall back in line
But I’m warning you we’re growing up

Keep going, Brandi. We need a few more decades with you and your guitar.