I wrote a post about a CVS on every corner, trying to explain the why. Do we really need this many? It turns out the answer is indeed yes. Well, I was driving across the Mid-West and encountered an unexplainable phenomenon. Near Exit 10, on Highway 24 between the Kentucky and Illinois border, I found every conceivable franchise in the history of franchises all packed together within a one mile radius. From memory, here is the short list:

  • Red Lobster,
  • Chick Filet,
  • ATT and Verizon,
  • Olive Garden,
  • Ruby Tuesdays,
  • Taco Bell,
  • Applebees,
  • Pizza Hut,
  • Fazoli’s 
  • Wendy’s,
  • Multiple gas stations,

And that’s only a sampling … This is near Paducah, which only has a population of 24,000 plus. The why escapes me, there is a popular lake spot nearby. Still, it feels like a data mining experiment gone wrong.