I admit. I was heartbroken when the NFL Cardinals left St. Louis for Arizona. It’s hard for the pigskin to make it in St. Louis. Baseball rules. Yet, if they wouldn’t have left, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to witness the greatest show on turf (only thirteen years of waiting). Still, if felt wrong. Sports teams are a critical part of the community. More important than the bottom line. 

Breaking up is hard to do.

When I heard about the latest NFL vote to send the Raiders to LasVegas, I couldn’t help but be disappointed. Yes, they had the second lowest attendance rate in the league (the Rams were first). But I can’t think of the team playing outside of the Coloseum. This team has history. John Madden. The Heidi Game. Ghost to the Post. And its Halloween each and every Sunday. Here’s hoping the owners will hold a press conference tomorrow and say it was all a cruel April Fool’s joke. A long con. Hey, one can hope.