There are different business models in the wild these days. For years, FaceBook could care less about making money. It was all about user acquisition. The rest came later. Now, they probably know me better than I know myself. They know my likes. What news I like to read. My favorite books. What my coworkers do on the weekends. Trending movies. And with this information, they sell advertisements to businesses. They are extremely good at it.

In the future, there maybe push back (what happens if the users say enough is enough), but at least for now it generates billions of dollars. For years, Microsoft has tried to stop Google and its Docs platform. Why pay for Office when Google gives Docs away (at least in the consumer space)? Freemium is a hard model to compete against.

That being said, it’s interesting to see Twitter reviewing a subscription-based model. Delight the users that love your platform. Microsoft. Adobe. Others do this as well. I wonder which has long-term staying power? Both? And, which business would you rather run or buy from?