This is like my third entry of “writers grasping at straws.” How do I procrastinate? Search for editing tools. Instead of doing the work, I try to find software to improve the manuscript that never made it to paper. Go figure. Today’s tool of choice? Marked 2. Before clicking the buy button, I’ll admit I didn’t read the guide. I had played around with Phraseology last week and wanted similar capability on OSX. I spent about five minutes scouring the web on how to “edit” the text. Note, this is a preview app. There isn’t an editor buried in the menu screens somewhere.

I kicked myself for about five minutes. Then, I got the hang of it. Here is a quick and easy how-to guide for the foolish:

  1. Draft blog entry with Markup editor of choice. Right now, I’m using ByWord. In preferences, I change the background to black. In Marked 2, I use white as my canvas. It’s a nice contrast between the two applications.
  2. Save the file.
  3. Then, drag it onto the Marked2 icon.
  4. It’ll preview the file. As you save in ByWord, the changes come across in Marked2. This works flawlessly.

Now, you’ll wonder why that matters, and for a half hour I did too. But, it has a few great features. First, it’ll give you all these great statistics. Reading ease score. Grade level. Fog Index. And, more importantly, it will highlight words to avoid. You know the usual suspects. For example, I use “actually” way too much. But where it excel is showing your blind spots. Repeated words.

I’m going to play around with the Scrivener integration later this week. As it stands, this is a wonderful polishing tool.