Writers try all sorts of tools, anything to improve or just stall between takes. Hey, procrastination happens. Go with it. I’ve been playing around with Phraseology the past couple of days. It’s made by the folks at Agile Tortoise. Without doing a little digging, it can be hard to find. It’s not front and center on their homepage like their other applications. Drafts, Terminology, Interact, Tally and Diced are featured. Still, I’m a big fan of Drafts and decided to give this a go.

This is a dated review. Many folks have beat me to it. Some reviews have complained about it loosing their work. I guess I don’t really think of it as a writing tool. For me, it’s best used as a blind spot finder. If you launch from Drafts (where I start most of my smaller works), Phraseology will give you all sorts of reading scores. Gunning Fog Index? Check. Smog Index? Check. It will even highlight all of your adverbs. The master of horror would appreciate it.

“I believe the road to hell is paved with adverbs.” Stephen King

So, is it the perfect app? Well, The Hemingway Writer highlights a few more odds and ends, but this is nice to have as another tool in your bag of tricks. Plus, you can use it offline. And hey, it might save your soul. There is nothing wrong with that.