They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Remember Apple Maps? At launch, the application sent people to the middle of nowhere. Placed Hong Kong in the wrong spot, well at least it was in China. The Sears Tower (Willis) was not the tallest building in Chicago, most of the buildings were mislabeled. The birthplace of Shakespeare was “not to be.” The lead executive tied to the project stepped down.

Until this weekend, I hadn’t tried the app in years. Who could blame me? It was terrible. Then, I went on a road trip, and Google (or Waze) couldn’t find a house I was looking for. I was desperate, finally relented, and clicked open the app. Apple got me out of a jam … Actually, this happened several times. Apple was right and Google proved to be wanting. No, the world’s most valuable brand didn’t get one of the most important cloud services right the first time. But they never gave up. I’m glad they kept at it. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Raise your game, Google. The house Jobs built caught you.

It is worth noting that the Apple Watch version of Maps works like a dream when walking around a city. You can put the phone away and let the watch do the rest. Buzz. Turn left. Buzz. One hundred meters and you’ll find dinner. The two really work well together.