Jupiter Ascending is a movie by The Wachowskis that I wanted to be great. By daring, well, you can miss the mark too. This had all the elements of a great movie. Track record of creative properties (The Matrix and others). Strong Cast. Big special effects. Immense budget. Hey, not every movie hits it out of the park. Our failures inch us toward the next big project. I’m rooting for their next big picture to come about, whatever it maybe.

Recently, NASA made a number of big announcements, not to go to Mars but to take another look at Europa. Jupiter’s icy moon is a strong candidate to find extraterrestrial life outside of the friendly confines of Earth. Maybe, this isn’t worth the trip. Launching a satellite, guiding it almost 300 million miles, and then landing a rover to explore isn’t easy, nor is it cheap. The flyby missions cost over two billion. Still, daring to be great is why these missions matter. It’s how we move forward. Earth Ascending. Can’t wait to see what they find.