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Ah, the Archies … A song’s lyrics can stay with you for a long time:

Ah sugar, ah honey honey
You are my candy girl
And you’ve got me wanting you
Ah honey, ah sugar sugar…

I came across an interesting financial statistic today. If you would have invested in Coca-Cola at its highest point before the stock market crash (depression era), held on to it, and then sold it before the recovery, you still would have made a whopping 228 percent gain (credit to the book, the Case Against Sugar). Folks with pennies to their name would spend money on sugar based products instead of buying necessities.

Coke is a company known for its brand. It’s a great American company, nor are they cause of the problems. It’s just a fact that the American diets contains a tremendous amount of sugar in it today. The substance is addicting. Tobacco companies still put the stuff in cigarettes to boost sales (more palatable; therefore, more addicting). My wife looked at the label of a bottle of Coke today, weighed out the corresponding amount of sugar, and showed it to my kid. Yeah, 150 calories isn’t that much over the course of a day. Still, it filled the bottom of a small bowl. It was eye opening. Forty years from now, I wonder if the health outcomes from eating sugar laced and processed based foods will be considered worse than smoking. Something to ponder …