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House Hunters has a simple formula. Introduce potential buyer (learn about their job, hopes, and fears). Show three houses. See buyer angst over the decision. Make a choice. There is usually complaining about popcorn ceilings and kitchen being outdated tossed in for fun and amusement. Even though it’s staged, there is entertainment here. Recently, I made the decision to put my own house up for sale (or at least play the moving game). I did this a year or so ago with my basement. Here is where I’m at so far on the upstairs:

  1. Removed any unwanted pictures (made the walls look clean).
  2. Boxed up any items that I wanted to keep (mostly picture albums).
  3. Donated any books I won’t ever read again.
  4. Cleaned out my closet (took any clothes I wasn’t going to use to Goodwill).
  5. Threw away any kitchen items that weren’t needed. 

It’s still a work in progress. Eventually, I’ll go room to room and ruthlessly throw anything away no longer needed. I’ve been happy with the results so far. I feel better. The house looks good. Maybe, I’ll just stay here after all.