I wrote this shortly after immigration changes were announced:

After spending days and weeks (more likely years) in angst, fleeing from a worn-torn country, you reach a point of entry. Of course, paperwork is in hand. You’ve gone through an extensive process, bared your soul and shared your heart. Your daughter clutches your worn coat, threads fraying. A tear rolls down her cheek. And then you realize, you have to tell her, “America is closed.” How can that be?

And then, I came back from Europe. While walking toward customs, I saw a family pose in front of a sign, Welcome to America. Two young kids smiled and cheered. Sure, they might have been going to Disney World or just happy to be off a long Trans-Atlantic flight. Yet, I couldn’t help but think, I live in a great country. America will get it right. Checks and balances exist for a reason.