Awhile back, I wrote this about great holiday movies. Today, I was thinking about George Bailey’s Building and Loan and wondered how the business model actually worked. There is a fascinating scene in the movie when George and Mary use their honeymoon funds to keep the business going during the crash. There are many memorable scenes in the movie but another that came to mind was George Bailey lighting up a cigarette. I couldn’t help but think, “George shouldn’t smoke!” This is a travesty. With today’s technology, this should be an easy fix. We took the guns away from the cops in ET. Why can’t we stop George from lighting up? And then, I found this quote:

“I realized that what I had done was I had robbed the people who loved E.T. of their memories of E.T. And I regretted that.” Steven Spielberg

No, masterpieces should be left alone. I don’t even watch the technicolor version.