My son downloaded Super Mario Run on launch day. Anytime you can get a new Mario game, no matter the platform, I think that’s a good thing. Nintendo has a certain style. No other company would dare to make Animal Crossing or Splatoon or Zelda or … the list goes on. And, I didn’t have a problem with spending $9.99 for a game on iOS. Yeah, most won’t pay more than a buck for mobile games, but I wanted to support the effort here.

My kid loves the game. So, I downloaded it and decided to give it a go. However, it kept asking me to pay $9.99 again for the full game.

I thought, What gives? I’ll pay ten bucks for a good game. But I won’t pay for it twice. Change me twenty. Once. After doing a little digging, I found directions to play Mario on multiple devices. This is way too complicated. I get it. Nintendo is fighting piracy with the extra hurdles, wants to link to their account (bring users into their ecosystem), monetize the platform, etc., Still, having this many steps is more than ridiculous. Sometimes, you have to give a little away to make the customer happy.