I remember the day I met Bobba Fett. When the Phantom Menace came out, I had tickets to the midnight showing. It’s hard to remember the hoopla around a movie. But consider this, it had been 16 years since the last Star Wars movie hit theatres. To amp up the anticipation, this was the initial prequel about how the greatest villian in movie history destroyed the Jedi knights.

And times were different. No reserving tickets online. Hours before the show, there was a long line that snaked outside the theatre and a party like atmosphere. Of course, there were people in costumes and Star Wars T-Shirts. But there was this guy who made his own Mandalorian armor. He spent weeks welding the metal, sanding the paint down to look worn and damaged, and making the visor look just right. It wouldn’t have surprised me if his blaster actually fired. His costume might have been better than the armor in the original movies. It was that good. He stood head and shoulders above the rest.

You could say he went overboard, but his work paid off. Everyone was getting their picture taken with him. As he walked down the movie aisle with popcorn in hand, the entire theatre chanted, “Bobba, Bobba, Bobba … ” That’s an entrance.