Today, I was reviewing an early stage book I’ve been playing around with. Depending on the work, I experiment in various styles and work with different tools. Mostly, I use Scrivener. It’s my hub for most things books. Still, I play around with many others. Editorial. ByWord. Word. Hemingway Writer. WordPress (It has a pretty good spell checker). Scapple. Ulysses. Drafts. OneNote. Evernote. Simplenote. Yes, this is a long list. I’ve been thinking about experimenting with Aeon Timeline to keep dates in order for another work I’ve been playing around with. Then again, Scapple can do most of this if I don’t want to get too specific and keep it high level. So, many options. And yes, playing around with these is stalling in a way. Nothing does the work for you. Yes, you have to log the hours. Find a groove.