I have to admit I’m somewhat of a keyboard snob. I grew up using a type-writer (lots of whiteout and work to get the paper aligned oh so right) and then the wordpressor came along. These devices were built around the keys. For me (I’m a bit biased being an IBMer), the Model M is the gold standard. And you can mod these fairly easily to modern day setups. These keys had true action. I’ve been playing around with Apple’s Smart Keyboard of late. Removing the bluetooth requirement, doubling as a case, cleaning is a cinch (I eat on mine) and not having the power requirement, makes it a winner. Plus, it has just enough action to get by. No, this isn’t perfect. But iPad and keyboard weigh less than the old Model M, and I don’t have to haul a massive keyboard to the coffee shop. That, in itself, is magical.